Why buy Organic?

We use as many organic ingredients as possible...not only because they taste better but also because we know that it's healthier for us and for our environment. More reasons to buy...

Why Gluten Free?

Glutens are known allergens. It's important for us to be able to make tasty, meaty treats that dogs and cats who have gluten and/or wheat sensitivities will LOVE... more...

Where you'll Find Our Products

Our products are found at pet stores across Canada. To find a retailer near you click here..



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Hi there, My name is Watson and I just wanted to thank you for making liver brownies. I love them more than anything, in fact I won't eat my food unless mom and dad sprinkle your brownies on top and if they are so dullwitted as to have forgotten I just take them to the fridge and give them my cutest look until they figure it out! My mummy keeps them in her pockets when we go out and calls them her bag of good dog! Have a nice day!

All the best, Watson, West Vancouver

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FeelGood® Treat Company Ltd. donates many of our products and services for free to charity organizations throughout the world.

Some of our beneficiaries include:

Delta Community Animal Shelter
Richmond Animal Protection Society
Creatur Comforts Logo
Saskatoon SPCA Logo
BC German Shephard Dod Club
The Delta Schutzhund Club
Canuck Dogs
Alberta Dock Dogs



Our Donation Guidelines

We believe in giving generously to others, and welcome the opportunity to help our community! We donate our products to many local organizations and sponsor many events to help raise funds, feed participants, help volunteers, and much more. 

  • We donate only to groups or organizations that are not-for-profit
  • We only respond to donation requests submitted via this website
  • We ask for a minimum of six weeks notice from request to Event, as all requests are fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis

Please fill in the following form, so we can carefully consider your request. 

Donation Request Form
Today's date:
Your name:

Organization name:
Tel no:
E-mail address:
Event date, location and time or how you plan to use our products:
Brief description of your event or organization:
Number of people attending event or employees: